what is smokeshow?

Technically it is a handcrafted small batch hot sauce… We like to call it a table hot sauce. Smokeshow is intended to be a condiment that can go and should go on absolutely everything! Tacos, noodles, bbq, watermelon, pizza, mango sorbet, steak, beer, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, whatever! Use it to add good flavor and spice to anything and everything you eat.

why would I want to eat smokeshow on everything?

Some people feel the need for extra spice all day and all night and others do not. We wont judge you for starting it slow. Fair warning though, it starts with just the eggs... and before you know it, you will want it on everything. This is normal smokeshow.

where can I buy smokeshow?



are all of your sauces really made from just peppers, vinegar, salt and water?

Please see our list of retailers or order from our online shop. If Smokeshow is not available in your area yet, ask your local grocery store to get with the show and get some already!

Yes, we welcome the challenge of using only 4 ingredients to create new flavors that really honor the hot peppers that are the stars of the show. Hot peppers are loaded with natural zests ranging from earthy and nutty to fruity and floral. You can really taste these flavors in our sauces since they are not masked by other strong tastes commonly found in hot sauces.

why is smokeshow not as thick as my old go to hot sauce?

Smokeshow is its own unique sauce. You may be tempted to compare it to the thicker hot sauce(s) that you are used to eating but keep in mind that there are many different styles of hot sauce. Ours is a combination of the vinegar based hot sauce styles that you find in the south, with the flavors of the southwest. Embrace the sauciness!

my smokeshow separates, is that normal?

Yes, think natural peanut butter. We could add things to keep our sauces from separating, but we have chosen to keep it pure and simple. Give it a good shake and you are good to go!